Are you happy?

A friend recently asked me this out of the blue. I had to think about it – I was going through a rough time – but I was able to answer yes. Yes I am happy. Genuinely happy regardless of my circumstances. I’m aware that the problems I’m facing are only surface deep – that below this I am growing roots that are pulling me closer to God so of course I am happy. [‘Happy’ I guess I take to mean joy/contentedness. Ie, living in the knowledge that one is on the right Way.]

Which got me to thinking about what a wonderful question that is to ask someone. ‘Are you happy?’ It’s different to ‘How are you?’ or ‘What’s up?’. It allows the other person to reflect, to think on their circumstances and decide – are they happy? are they unhappy? If they are, then great! They can be reminded of how happy they are!  If they are not, then you get to help them – to see why. To maybe try and help them become happy. What a wonderful way to get to know someone better. What a wonderful opportunity for the recipient to take a step back and see the big picture.

I then decided that I was gonna ask this question to others, and told my friend this.  She said that the only reason she asked me was because I’d asked her whether she was happy the last time we met! What a wonderful circle of happiness!



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