I never saw the power of Psalms. To me it was like yeah, it’s great, David is praising God – as we all should – but it’s not directly applicable like Romans, Hebrews, or Philippians, you know? It’s a lot of (very beautiful) poetry.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

My dad suggested reading a Psalm a day. I’ve started it this year and it’s changing my life. He suggested a cool system so that no matter where I am, what I’m doing, which Bible I’m using, I can know which is the Psalm for the day. And somehow each day’s Psalm has thus far been so. on. point.


There are 150 Psalms. If we take each month to be 30 days, we can read 150 Psalms in 5 months. How to average each month to 30 Psalms – just re-read a Psalm on the 31st. Then, plug the numbers in this equation and read your Psalm!
[(month number – 1)*30] + (day of month)

Why this system is useful: say it’s April 14th. I know the Psalm I read is gonna be Psalms 104 with just a quick calculation: [(month number – 1)*30] + (day of month) = [(4-1)*30] + 14 = 104.

A different way to look at it follows:
January 1 – Psalms 1

January 30 – Psalms 30
January 31 – Psalms 30 or Psalms 31
February 1 – Psalms 31

February 15 – Psalms 30 +15 = Psalms 45

March 23 – Psalms 60 + 23 = Psalms 83

Whew! Okay, I promise, it’s a lot simpler than it looks once you get the hang of it. It’s so easy to keep track of when you’re on the go and most importantly, God sends you exactly what you need each day!



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