Till We Have Faces

Only with CS Lewis do I read a fictional work and immediately recognise myself. My spirit is ashamed and can only accuse itself – ‘this is you. this is how base and wretched you are. learn from this’.

Till We Have Faces is an incredible story and I believe has a different meaning for everyone who reads it and will have a different emphasis each time one reads it.

This time, it showed me how base I am. How I sit in my folly and how at some point I stopped struggling to come closer to God and simply gave up. This cannot be how it is – one must fight. I need to humble myself, and humble myself further and think of others and pray to the God with a Face that I can become transformed. Nothing else matters – not other people’s thoughts, not offensive words, not unkind deeds, not unfair situations, not unfulfilled dreams. All that matters is that I walk this road with Him who allows me to.

I expect as I read it again more things will come to mind. I encourage people to read this when they need spurring on, a meaty spiritual nourishment, that causes us to really Run in this Race until we are out of the Shadowlands and finally have faces.


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